New BENQ 1620 won't recognize purchased DVD's

I am new to DVD burning. I bought a new BENQ 1620 and installed as directed. When I put movie DVD’s into the tray, the drive only recognizes about one out of four. I have re-installed the drive again, but the problem persists. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


you could try setting your dvd region.

go to device manager then to your benq drive.

set it to the country your in.

although i don’t have this set on mine and don’t have any problems.

but it’s something you could try.

have you had any problems burning a dvd yet?

The region code is correct. Still says no media in drive on movie dvd’s. I have not attempted a burn yet because it has to recognize the dvd to save it to disk.


try putting a blank disc in there and see if it recognizes it.

recognized it as a blank disk and asked if i wanted to format it.

format? did windows ask you this?

what program are you using to watch the dvds?

i use media player classic


are your dvds maybe scratched some?

seems odd that some would work?

you could try upgrading the firmware on your drive.

Are you trying to use an RW?

What movie is it? I know some have problem being recongnize by DVD burner but not DVD-ROM. Actually there is a list of them if you google or yahoo, I forget the site address.