New BD recorder after GGW-H20L



After 4 wasted BDs with fluctuating buffer (two with Nero Burning ROM, one with ImgBurn and one with Nero Linux, it seems that my GGW-H20L YL07 is dead.

I need a new drive to mainly burn the specific 50GB Verbatim BDs with Disc ID MEI-T02-001.
Are there any good options at these shops?������+����&filter-1565=1|Οπτικά%20Drives
and can you give me some good options that are available (not just from these shops)?

Thanks in advance for your help.


The Pioneer 209 series is very well respected in these forums.
The LG BH16NS40 should be good as well.

Too bad about your LG GGW-H20L. I have one and have always liked it. Its in my backup machine, and I do most of my Blu-ray burning these days with my Pioneer 207MBK.


Thanks for the quick answer.

Just burned a DVD now, again fluctuation, double the time it normally takes… Served me since summer 2008, very good.

I’ll go with the PIONEER BDR-209DBK for 84.90 € then.


Burning now a Verbatim DVD (MCC 03RG20) at 8X with my secondary Plextor Plextor PX-810SA and the same thing happens, buffer drops at 10%/40% and goes up to 100%! Maybe it’s a hardware problem (SATA connection)?
If I recall, I believe this started to happening after I installed my SSD and (I think) switched some SATA cables (6 slots on my motherboard, all taken)


If it is happening with two different drives, then yes, you may have other issues.