New battery lasts 40% longer

I just posted the article New battery lasts 40% longer.

A company called ZPower designed new silver-zinc based batteries which are claimed to last 40% longer per charge than current lithium-ion batteries. Whether their claim can be justified can be tested…

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I hope they have these soon (silver-zinc batteries) for cordless phones, we have payed more for the other type of batters than we payed for rhe phone. silver-zinc batteries

Note that although they do last 40% longer, they also weigh 40% more. That is they have a greater density than Lithium batteries. So they are better for space limited applications, but not weight limited ones.

So they are also 40% larger? Then they are also 40% larger, no? I don’t think we’ll ever see them then!

No, they’re not 40% larger.

Can’t wait to test these out…

The article at says they operate at a different voltage? How could this be? The voltage ought to be adjustable by varying the amount of material in the battery. I looked at Zpower’s website and read some of the articles referenced there. None of them mentioned any issues about any “voltage differences”. This sounds bogus to me.

You should learn how to READ. They are NOT 40% larger, they are 40% heavier. Large isn’t equal to heavy. A big mountain of feathers heighs less than a small mountain of stone for example. People usually learn that kind of things when they’re 4 or maybe 5 years old.

The voltage is dependent of the materials inside the battery. The amount of they change the capacity.

Women could grow to love these lol i’m sorry I had to go there haha.

what about the men? :stuck_out_tongue:

Umm yeah if there is anything out there that would run on these bad boys lol sure why not I wonder what Duke would have to say about all this? lol

Well, since someone finally decided to ask me (I’ve been waiting patiently), I’m glad to hear that the batteries won’t burst into flames when heated. The reason I’m glad is that if these batteries go into my next PMP, and I’m holding it, I don’t want the heat from my hands (the ladies tell me I have hot hands) to ignite the batteries and have the thing melt my face. That’s bad. Kind of like when the guy opened the tomb in the first The Mummy movie and the salt acid burned his face off. Does this bother me? Absolutely not. He was warned not to open the tomb, but he did it anyway. You know who should have their face melted off, though? The guy who wrote the script for The Mummy 3. What a POS.

Anyway, I think these batteries are a solid idea. I’ll give up weight for increased battery life. Who knows? Maybe, in time, they can get the weight down a bit. Isn’t science great?

Yes science is kick ass! :cool: