New batch of Verbatim MCC-004 Prodisk media burned with lite-on

I bout these verbatim MCC-004 from best buy yesterday. the sale was 12.99 dollars for 50 pack. my previous disks were PAPA and they got 95 quality score. These prodisk manufactured ones are not so good unfortunately. Any opinions?

The scan isn’t great but it isn’t bad, except for the single PIF spike at the beginning. This is very unlikely to be a media problem, but is most likely a scanning glitch or possibly a burning glitch.

I’ve had a batch of 200 MCC004 discs Made in India that scan like this or worse at 16x (except for the single spike at the beginning).

I wouldn’t be surprised of that single PIF spike went away if you scan the same disc again.

so dragemester, in your opinion, should i return the 2nd unopened pack of 50 MCC-004 and get the PAPA stamped ones instead?

You know what you have but you don’t know what you’ll get. If returning/exchanging is easy and free for you, then go ahead and return them if you’re not satisfied. I would gladly have swapped any of my 4 50pc MCC004 Made in India with yours, as almost all the discs had some edge problems past 3.5 - 4 GB which your scan doesn’t have at all.

So make up your own mind. :wink:

BTW You don’t get MCC004 Made in India in North America AFAIK, but you still get variable quality MCC004 manufactured by CMC and Prodisc.

How does one know if you have CMC-MCC004’s?

^ because in the clear inner hub of the CD it says this:


a CMC made MCC-004 will say this: PAPA11KG28054684

also prodisk made MCC-004 will have sans-serif font of lock-open on the top of the packaging where as CMC made MCC-004 will have serif font lock-open font on the top of the cakebox.

In addition, the cmc manufactured ones have a very deep lip on the top of the cakebox compared to the smaller ones from prodisk manufactured ones.

When i bought these two 50 pack cakeboxes from BB yesterday, I didn’t realize to look for the differences in packaging.

Thanks i will have to look at some i bought when they 1st came out(very old ones) and the ones i got from BB last week.

Yep I’ve had the same kind of spike show up before at the start of the disc scan and after a rescan it didn’t
show up again. I then noticed when getting a high spike at the beginning of a disc scan afterwords that the
lite wasn’t going out on the drive quick enough before the scan started. I noticed if the lite stayed on for a
second or two after the scan had started then the high spike showed up at the beginning of the disc and after
stopping the scan and restarting it again the high spike was gone if the drive’s lite went out a split second or so
before the scan started. :wink:

Try burning these at 8X and scanning at 4X. Also, you could clear the Liteon memory as the burn stratagy it saved prior was probably CMC. I went crazy about a year ago with this drive until I figured out that the Liteons will really get screwed up when you swap between CMC and Prodisc media with the same media code. Fortunately, we don’t get Made in India here in the US.

chas0039, i burned this at 8X just like i always do and when scanning at 4X the quality score is 0, but it looks almost the same. Even the spike in the beginning is there.

How do i clear the LITE-ON memory?

Go here and get the smartburn tool. It has a tab for clearing the learned memory. After clearing out, it takes about 4 burns to get the best burn. I have gad problems with this drive in the past where it just quit burning any kind of MCC 004 with any quality at all. I quit using it for burning these. Good luck.