New Backup Software



DiscSafe v1.3



  • Automatic Media Rotation for more than 650/700 MB backup
  • Time Scheduling Backup
  • Restore from any CD-ROM or CD-R(W) device
  • Support of more than 130 CD-Recorder (ATAPI & SCSI)
  • For Windows 95/98 & NT/2000

New version v1.6 will have :

  • Multithreaded recording
  • Advanced graphical user interface (Tree/Listcontrol)
  • Check of system settings
  • Check of system performance
  • No limit for directories only. It will be possible to backup single files
  • Support of more than 40 new CD-Recorder

Also this :
Adaptec international update for Ez CD Creator and DirectCD

This version upgrades Easy CD Creator 4.01 to 4.02b and Direct CD 3.0 to 3.01b at the same time.

FireBurner v1.06 final!

What’s New:

  • On the fly MP3 decoding on top of the rock solid FireBurner caching system! This combination allows you to create audio tracks from your MP3 files even at high speeds!
  • Track ripper code improved with blue screen bug fixes
  • File System Builder cleaned up. Bugs smashed including the one that strangely resulted in CD’s that could be read in Windows but not DOS!
  • A few much needed cosmetic / menuing improvements
  • Other miscellaneous changes and fixes



He thnx RNG

Especially that discsafe sounds good stuff.



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so is this made by a company or what? i have never even heard of this, and it doesnt sound like many recorders are supported. but i am brave so i will try it


And there are the critics again always sceptic about new things

in holland we say “what the farmer doesn’t know, he won’t eat”


while i was surfin tha www i found it so i don’t know much about it, i leave it up to you…