New avatar for Arachne

Here 'tis:

Nope. The one she currently has finally grew on me, she can’t change it now

Wow I wish I knew how to make one of those.

can u make her blond with pink whiskers? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the dancing cat better. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahahaha! That’s really cool, thanks stroppy (nice to see ya for a change too ;)).

I actually really like that one. Maybe that one and the dancing cat can do a timeshare - one month on, one month off :bigsmile:

I kinda like this new avvy, I like the twitchy paw :bigsmile:. Thanks again, Stroppy! :flower:

:eek: [B]Arachne[/B] now is getting impatient :doh:


Yeah that’s great, Arachne :D. All you need now is the ‘Edit’ button under that tapping paw… :wink:

BTW: welcome back, Stroppy :flower:

The eyes make me scared :eek:

Or perhaps you can bung them together as one animated gif :wink:

LOL, yep…but impatient works too :bigsmile:

Awwww, poor Evilboy…I’ll try not to scare you (too much) :bigsmile:

Edit: LOL Debro…I can’t even imagine what that’d look like (don’t think I want to) :eek:

Veeery cool! Far more subtle…as in, not at all like the dizzy blond effect of the last one. Might engender a bit more respect…maybe even from me :doh:

Many thanks to Stroppy…goodonyamate…she´s a corker. Bit worried about yer own avatar though…what´s the story…head getting too much sun? I´m pretty sure it´s wobbling around more than it used to… :iagree:

Hehe…I think I prefer this one to the last one…


Funny, there seems to be a few with cats in their avvys…Jeff53404 has one, and I noticed one other poster with one…

Hi :slight_smile:
Go here & get some to give out ot those who are deserving. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL! Nice pics, although I doubt anyone else would want one 'cos they’re cats :wink:

Hi :slight_smile:
I thought this apt.
Blinking Cat (Take that how you want) :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree: :bigsmile:

Hahahaha ;)…yeah, I already grabbed that one :iagree:

Hmmm… she looks a bit austere, like [B]evilboy[/B] said. [B]Arachne[/B]'s dark side for a change? I thought that didn’t exist? :confused: :wink:

It looks “evil”, like a cat should! :stuck_out_tongue: