New ATIP from Argentina and some overall questions



I live in Argentina. After seeing my Philips Multipurpose CDs become garbage over 3 years of storage, I thought maybe because I’m in a third world country I was getting dumped with the leftovers of the CD manufacturers. That’s the reason for my screename: I thought I was a target for dumpsters. I no longer believe that, though, from what I’ve been reading in this forum.

Here’s an ATIP I haven’t found anywhere in this forum (or on the web): 97m27s17f (Plasmon). I bought it under the label IPC. This CD is made in Catamarca, Argentina. My experience is that it sucks BIG TIME. It copied perfectly with Nero but a check afterwards showed it was filled with errors. First time I saw a CD so bad so fast. I’ve seen an ATIP here referenced a lot that’s very close: 97m27s18f. Is there any guide to all these ATIP codes? And what do they signal, exactly? Do they tell you from which factory it came, or just which company made them?

My Philips CDs (Nero says: 97m31s07f by Ritek) are the worst thing on Earth! They burned without a problem 3 years ago, and after burning I checked them byte for byte (a CRC kind of check) and they were perfect. I stored them in perfect conditions, hardly ever used them and never wrote on them. Now I decided to revisit them and they have all degraded. I checked 3 of them doing a simulated CD copy with Nero and all 3 had irrecoverable errors. Are these the worst CDs in the world? Fortunately I made duplicate CDs of my backups from back then, but even with that precaution, I don’t know if I will be able to recover all my stuff.

My absolute favorites are the Verbatim DataLifePlus (97m34s22f). I haven’t been able to find them lately. Do they still make them?

As the second best default I use Verbatim Valulife (97m26s66f). I think they’re great and would appreciate any opinion on their worthiness, as they are what I am using, and I really would like to avoid that Philips fiasco (I’m still fuming and I became aware of this problem a week ago).

Finally, I have a few old Verbatim’s from 1994, which were blank CDs that I had copied professionally (remember back then CD writers were expensive), and used them to back up my hard drive. It says 4X and I’ve used them maybe last year but I’m getting nervous about putting such slow things back into a fast CD player. Am I paranoid? If I do, I’ll post their ATIP’s. One went bad years ago, but overall, I’d say they stood the test of time well.

One thing I picked up from here is that Taiyo Yuden is the absolute best. Is this just in DVD? I don’t recall ever seeing any CD that says Taiyo Yuden here in Buenos Aires.

Excellent site, btw, I’m becoming informed. :slight_smile:


Taiyo Yuden do make CDs, but you may need to shop online for them.