New ATI 9700-Pro driver

In case somebody has missed this release, there’s a new driver and control panel release for the 9700-Pro, looks to be pretty good. My 3DMark score increased from 4750 to 5100 with this driver.

You mean the 3.4 Catalyst drivers? After reading your thread, I checked the ATI site and that’s what I found :slight_smile: Just want to be sure these are the latest :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Yup, that’s it. Haven’t done a lot of gaming with them, but what I can see so far is some improvement in image quality. Responses are mixed on some forums, but ti seems to be working very well here. Be sure to follow the install instructions, and remove the old driver 1st.

I’ll check that as soon as I get home, but first some examinations :frowning:

the drivers rock…and they are not only for the 9700 pro.

They have some nice options/optimalisations for the 9500 and up
(but even the 8500 and the 9000 etc are optimised)

I’m more excited about the release of MMC8.5 along with Remote Wonder drivers 1.5

Easylook is awesome! Anyone with an AIW card, check it out.

yeah…the multimedia center rules

only thing i dislike is when adding more mp3 at once…it only plays the last one…
(select more then 1 mp3 from any map you have, then click play)

Never understood what all the fuss is about when it comes to MMC…
The Cat 3.4’s are great, you can finally press ESC in HL without your computer dying :eek: :slight_smile:

mmc is a nice app which gives you the best movie quality available

so HL escape-bug finally fixed?? lol
saw whole forums complaining about that bug

glad it is over:bigsmile:

Originally posted by Airhead
The Cat 3.4’s are great, you can finally press ESC in HL without your computer dying :eek: :slight_smile:

Which means I can finally go back to OpenGL mode:) Hurrah!

Installed MMC, was horrifyed when I loaded up Windows again to see that ugly Office-like toolbar. Also it nicked all media files and replaced the icon with it’s own. And it was slow and clumpsy interface. And I could see NO difference whatsoever in image quality.

Uninstalled it and now I’m a happy geezer :smiley:

I just did a quick test and they added 300+ to my previous score (which was with 9800Pro drivers). 55xx now but I haven’t tested full o/c yet (quite hot weather now and I’m still working on a better cooling for the system).