New at using nero vision

Would this be the forum for learning how to use NeroVision? I want to know more about editing video and how to cut audio out of a video. (the video would be from a digital camcorder.)

This is one place but you will get a lot of readers who have other interests. There is a Nero forum and you are likely to get a better response if it were posted there. Only moderators can perform that operation.

Please note that Nero has help files and it would be valuable for you to read them as suggestions you receive are likely to reference that information (e.g. where to click, advanced options, etc.)

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Thanks Jeff. I have the help files and have read them but there are still question on “how to” that these files do not cover. When helping someone it is always good to have an example with step by step directions, I find that helps one much more.

How do I get to this NeroVision form you mention?


I don’t know how you bookmarked CDF but you can do a forum jump on the bottom of this page. Select the forum you want and hit go.

Also use the search function as that is a good source for seeking answers.

Moving to Nero forum…

Edit: Actually, before I do that - can NeroVision demux and edit out audio? I thought it was a DVD authoring application…

We have ‘Nero & InCD’ forum for burning to disc, and also ‘Nero Recode’ which is DVD copying and re-encoding so I’m not sure which would be best. There’s ‘Video Edit’ forum, which sounds more suitable for what is needed but only if NeroVision has those functions.

Appreciate that Jeff and I am off and running.


Edit: Actually, before I do that - can NeroVision demux and edit out audio? I thought it was a DVD authoring application…

There are several different goals in larryb227’s posting.

I looked at the OP’s question as multiple. The first was that he wanted to learn more about NeroVision. The second part was editing video and audio. I know you can edit video but do not believe you can remove audio. If it is his intent to remove audio and then use NeroVision, that would need to be done first with another program (complicated issues).

Yes, sure… and you’re right; it would be good to put it somewhere more specific. Trouble is I don’t know where :confused: :D.

yeah this is the right place well i guess as im new on here my self!
for using nero its quite simpel and depending on how long ago you posted this thread you may have solved it yourself, however if not here we go!!!

step by step!

  1. open nero start smart and select create dvd movie get video from portable device video to your hard drive then go to edit movie the video and either right click and disable audio or if you are putting music over the film simply delete the audio file and replace with your own!

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