New at programming, have a problem



I have an array of filenames and their fullpaths. I would like to burn them to a CD. I looked at the sample that came with the SDK and I am confused because it is for burning audio cd’s. I would like to burn a data CD. Which command actually starts the burning? I am a newbie and would probably need more reading. I really appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.


Yes, please take a look at the documents included in NeroSDK package. But to give you some hints. You can burn any kind of disk using NeroBurn(…) method where you will have to pass appropriate structs and flags depending on the disk type. For an ISO CD you will have to initialize the NERO_WRITE_CD structure and call NeroBurn(…) using NERO_ISO_AUDIO_CD for CDFormat parameter. There is of course a little bit more to do before you can call this method but to give you a detailed description here could go beyond the scope of this forum.


yeah i would also love to have a a bit of code which could burn a array of filenames onto a CD
could anyone perhaps post some code here?
This is a very small part of a project i am working on and i dont have much time to dedicate to learning the API thoroughly
my deepest grattitude in advance


You can find some (finally working) code in this thread:

Apart from the code posted there, you will need to create an array of NERO_ISO_ITEMS (with NeroCreateIsoItem) an something more, but that the core.

Be sure to add all modifications to the original posted code, ar ask the OP to post his/her final version.


how come the code is so long and complex?
to do a simple thing like copy from one location to a cd not caring about anything else
surely there must be a simpler way?


As more an API offers, the more complex it gets. But hey, is that complex?

  1. Initialize the NeroAPI.
  2. Create ISO items and fill them out (plus a root directory item)
  3. “chain” the ISO items together
  4. create a WriteCD structure and initialize it correctly
  5. call NeroBurn…
  6. Correctly free allocated resources.

Ok, it’s not 1,2,3, but its close to. I surely can think of many all-day tasks in Windows that are way more complex after all.


thank you Oliver
you have been very heplful
my sincerest thanks and keep up the good work bro :slight_smile:


You’re welcome, fellow.

And you keep asking as gently for support as you do. Keep posting your coding attempts and never complaining about free gifts.

Seriously, why not have a look at Nero Fiddles example?