New at burner/backuping

i just got a DVD-Burner (LG GSA - 4120B) and i was wondering if it was a really good one at backing up cd/dvds.

My main issue here is trying to back up cd’s that have copy protection on them. In the past, Nero worked just fine. Lately however, nero hasn’t been working it. I was trying to back up Doom 3, and after reading the thread about it, i still haven’t been able to back it up yet. I tried ClondCD and A 120%, but they weren’t about to get thru the SD. I tried Blindwrite, and it was moving so slowly that i cancelled the burning.

What can i do to get past SD3 and back up Doom 3?

i am new at this.

You should be able to copy SD1 titles, SD2.x-2.7 maybe SD3.1x but not SD.9. SD mean SafeDisc

You shouldnt use CloneCD for SD3.x, as it is blacklisted and it wont work anyway for your unit without emulation.

Your best bet is to use Alcohol 120%, with ‘Hide CD-R Media’ checked and both SafeDisc emulation options checked.

Remember to both read and write at speeds 4x.

If you have a Lite-On DVD rom, try playing from that when playing Doom 3.

Good luck.