New at 2500a

hi all there i’m new here. Here is my experience with my new nec nd-2500a. I tryed buring some dvd-r (tx) 4x, and all is ok. Ok too with dvd+r (verbatim) 4x. Then i have a couple of tdk. One is a tdk dvd-rw 2x and is not working, i ever used it with my old pioneer and it wrote and deleted, but my nec is not capable of deleting this on. Nero says it has a problem with power or something like that and after a few second will stop not erasing the disk. More over i have another disk a tdk dvd+rw 4x and i wrote with this nec 4.3gb of data over it, now the same nec won’t read this disk HE wrote. Instead the lg dvd-reader read it just fine. Any advice? common trouble? have to wait for new fix?

wow, i flashed it with this 2k5106fn.exe found here round and now the tdk dvd-r get erased like a charm…:smiley: great. But it’s read uncapable of reading the +r he wrote, damn…reading performance are very awfull.

2k5106fn.exe ? What is that?
I did a search and couldn’t find anything on this…

i got it here and says it is Free RPC 1 firmware 1.06 (08-01-2004) for the NEC 2500A with Windows Updater. Is there any better around?