NEW Asus Wireless Home Network

Okay here’s the deal, I live in a fairly large home. 4,000sq feet and 2 floors, 3 if you include fully heated basement. 4 bedrooms and a den and an office and my shop in my garage. I was working with a Wireless N router from Linksys (E4200) and wireless N networking cards, now here is the kicker, I do not walk that well so I have computers in almost every room including my bedroom, all desktops I have built. The distance between the router which is in the upstairs office to the furthest point is about 200ft. Through all plasterboard walls and concrete in the basement. I was not happy when I had to get a file from another computer in my network, it took forever, I was only getting 144mbps.
So I decided to upgrade the whole network to wireless A/C. I did my homework and decided to go with Asus, so I bought the router first. ASUS RT-AC68U Dual-Band Wireless-AC1900 Gigabit Router . Easy to set up and very happy with it. Then I had to pair all the devices with wireless A/C adapter cards. So I went with Asus again. ASUS AC1900 Dual-Band PCIe Wireless Adapter
I cannot explain the difference, its phenomenal . Let me post the status indicator from the furthest point in my basement through concrete walls. I have a gigabit Intel Ethernet connection in my main rig attached to the router, this screenshot tells all. And this is minimum, if I want to stream a file from my upstairs computer to the basement, it fly’s. :wink:

Looks like that ASUS RT-AC68U and those ASUSAC1900 adapters were a great investment!!!:iagree:
PS:4000 sq feet…:eek:…you’re living in a mansion,Hugh!!Errr…Alan…:bigsmile:

Looks like that ASUS RT-AC68U and those ASUSAC1900 adapters were a great investment!!!:iagree:
PS:4000 sq feet…:eek:…you’re living in a mansion,Hugh!!Errr…Alan…:bigsmile:[/QUOTE]
Not quite a mansion LOL, but a big old house on the Ocean, it withstood hurricane Sandy so its very well built, I am also on a high dune so flooding is not an issue. ( even though I had my basement waterproofed by professionals that dug a trench around the whole house and put in PVC pipe to send the water back to the ocean.LOL.

Router specs
[U]ASUSRT-AC68U Dual-Band Wireless-AC1900 Gigabit Router[/U]
B&H # ASRTAC68U Mfr # RT-AC68U

[li]802.11ac Protocol[/li][li]Up to 1900 Mbps[/li][li]Dual-Band 2.4GHz / 5.0GHz Frequencies[/li][li]Five 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet Ports[/li][li]Three Adjustable Antennas[/li][li]File, Printer & 3G/4G Modem Sharing[/li][li]USB 3.0/2.0 Ports[/li][li]ASUS AiCloud, AiRadar, & ASUSWRT[/li][/ul]

Not bad…but sadly the untold truth is older equipment like laptop some can’t upgrade to AC and N wifi is the highest they will ever go. I read that AC would improve the connections of N wifi but double it can do that as N wifi can only go so high already. Matching router and wifi hardware is the how you get the max speed that is a no brainer upgrade to do but older hardware can’t get the same wifi as there are whitelisted and others you can’t upgrade it any farther then N so your stuck with what you have to put together to make it work. Wifi hardware match is the best solution to go but not everything is created equal so the rest will have to do with what they can get to work together.