New Asus Processor And Now PC Wont Boot

Hello everybody, I’m new here, and i don’t know where i would post this thread but, i could use som help with my pc. Well when i got a ASUS STRIKER II FORMULA CPU and SuprmeFX II installed with 4gb memory, and was gonna install Windows Vista 64x And new Chassi, Coolermaster COSMOS 1000. But when i had installed everything in the new case, i pressed the START button on the motherboard, and everything was fine, started up and i went in to BIOS, and then putted the settings. But when i tried to install Windows Vista with USB MEMORY STICK, ( It had all the files and everything ) and then when it loaded, the pc freezed, so i rebooted it, and the CASE with the fans, do a fast speed fan sweep to get out all the dust or anything that might be there, it started again and went to bios, putted the settings > Tryed to load usb stick again, freezed and i shuted down the pc.

And the after a while i started it again, and it looked to be fine, but the fans started to go fast and going that way all the time, and the screen was BLANK only the power button was blinking on the Monitor, and the pc just stod there and didnt load… So i wondered if something broke or got damaged, powered down the pc, and toke out the motherboard and looked from traces of damage / burn marks, but there was none.

So i placed it back in to the case, and tried to reset BIOS with the CMOS battery, and it didnt work, still just stod there and did nothing, didnt load or anything. And i don’t know what i shall do, buy a new processor or get it to repairstation to get it fixed, any suggestions or solutions for it.

Btw i have 550w or 500w PSU and i dont know if that is anything to do with it.

It could just be an overheating problem, make sure that the heat sink on the processor is seated correctly and that there is not too much/little heat paste applied.
If you can set the memory and processor speeds below their rating do so. I have some 400mhz memory that is fine at 333mhz but unstable at 400.

ASUS does not produce CPUs, what you mean is a mobo, nothing else.

lol sorry, ( not so smart and i know it shows lol )

My Strike II Formula does not have a Heatsink… but i have one, can put it on and see what happens… :stuck_out_tongue:

Remove/unplug all drives, then also remove one ram stick and try again.
There should be at least some beep tone or something on the screen (BIOS).