New Asus netbook has it all for $400



I just posted the article New Asus netbook has it all for $400.

On paper, it lo0ks like Asus has the netbook to beat with the Eee PC 1005.

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I was gonna crap all over this until I read the specs. My Gateway netbook I bought in January has N450 and it cost me $350+tax. For an extra $50 I would definitely have ponied up for 1366x768 plus Broadcom HD.


Yeah, including the Broadcom Crystal HD decoder card is a big win. This should be standard on all netbooks.


I don’t think Asus is the first with a HD screen and Broadcom decoder card. If I remember right, Dell has had one for some time. Then again, that one probably doesn’t have the N450

I spent $100 more and got the ASUS 1201N. Has dual core Atom 330, Nvidia ION and a 12" screen. It even came with Win 7 Home Premium instead of the crappy Starter Edition.