New ASUS 5232 + Protected Games

Anyone have ever testted the new 5232 ASUS CDRW?

Are they any good with any copy protections? TAges, SD etc?

My 5224A dies on me :frowning:

Futureproof do u have this drive?? Any tests??

Well, CDRLabs gives it a great review here…

  1. It says it does SD2.51 no problems, but I wonder how it does with SD3.1+ and the latest SecurRom?

  2. It also says it has good write quality, but I wonder how it compares to that of the Liteon 52327s?

  3. Has someone managed to compater the Liteon and this latest Asus?

Thats a really “Lazy” review…why review it at all…who really cares about how fast it writes…we want to know the quality and whether it can copy tha latest Protected games etc…CDRlabs is a second rate site as compared to cdfreaks forum!

We would like ppl like OC freak to review it thoroughly :wink:

Any seconds?