New ASUS 16x +/-DVD-writer: DRW-1604P

Looks like a Pioneer clone.

See it here

DRW-1604P Features:

  • 16X DVD-Write/4X DVD-RW/16X DVD+Write/4X DVD+ReWrite/4X DVD+R (DL)/16X DVD-ROM/32X CD-Write/24X CD-ReWrite/40X CD-ROM

When will Liteon and NEC catch up?

You see the Asus Motherboards all over the place but I have yet to see any Asus Optical drives.

Hopefully it gets a good review when they get released. I’m getting tired of my old Sony DRU 500A drive and want to upgrade.

I have an Asus 5232AS CD writer and I think it’s very good drive, well build and very low noise level when burning with ultra speed. And the support here in Germany is also very good.

Soon. Most manufacturers are already well into preparing 16x drives.

Besides, it won’t be hard to catch up with Pioneer’s 12x burner. The 16x is pure marketing fluff. The drive actually burns at 12x faster than it burns at 16x. You should see the tests done with it. The Pioneer really isn’t as advanced as Pioneer would have you believe.

In the link it also says DVD-RAM. typo???

that would apply for playback only, my guess (just like current Pioneers).


now this is a feature all 16x drives need becuase beleive me if you dont have a fast computer with good bandwith your gonna get alot of slowdowns from buffer underruns recording at 16x

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This PC I’m using right now can read source files at over 50MB/s so I am prepared for 16x Blu-ray. :slight_smile: