New ASPI drivers available - version 4.72 has arrived

I just posted the article New ASPI drivers available - version 4.72 has arrived.

New ASPI drivers are available at the Adaptec website. They are compatible with all windows versions, except Windows 95. The new version is 4.72, Windows 95 users should use version 4.60


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they’re letting people download it without verifying if you have Easy CD Creator, because they no longer own ECD (it was sold to Roxio)

I have not used these in a long time, with quality software like, CloneCD, Nero and DJ why bother with these drivers?

is there ANY reason to use a cracked version of those new aspi drivers?

JimKiller, stupid comment? ASPI drivers apply to more then just cd copying, for example you could use ASPI drivers to rip dvds, that’s why ppl bother with them for one reason, which you probably might not have thought about…

akns, I think Roxio is Adaptec. Software division of Adaptec became Roxio.

So what?? It’s FREE… just download

yeah, roxio belongs to adaptec. or rather roxio was created by adaptec. anyway, previous aspi versions checked not only for roxio software, but also for adaptec hardware, like scsi adaptec controllers. if nothing was there, it didn’t install. the new aspi drivers install without restrictions, and for me it doesn’t matter anyway, since I have adaptec hardware and software, but these new adapec drivers -4.7 series is buggy, so better stay away from it

still happy with the old good 4.6

I use ASPI layer of Nero . Pretty good :slight_smile: and no buggy like Adaptec :r

Can anyone see any noticable benefit of 4.7x over 4.6 (1021)? It seems that the only difference is 4.7x is free to everyone. Because Windows XP only needs 2 of the 4 drivers (use ASPICHK), some programs (like Feurio) don’t work properly because they think you have incorrect or missing drivers. And what is with the installation procedure for 4.7x under XP? Why couldn’t the setup file automatically recognise the OS and install the appropriate drivers. Very poor design! I’m with boskin, stick with 4.6. PS. Note to CD Freaks webmaster: I think there is a bug in the submission software. When you use speech marks in a reply, and then edit that reply, it changes the speech marks to " and you can’t change it back.