New article added: LAME 3.90 sets the standard

I just posted the article New article added: LAME 3.90 sets the standard.

On the 21.12.2001 it finally happened '“ LAME MP3 encoder has an up to date stable version 3.90 out.

Even though LAME is the best MP3 encoder available, and it is freeware, there are still so…

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yesss. forget fraunhofer codec, go and use LAME… you will definatly hear the difference

I use lame to for encocing mp3 files its great :slight_smile:

If they’re good, don’t spite them by using Intel’s logo! (top right) :slight_smile:

Yeah, lame rulez the world. This version is going to set the new standards!!

Forget all other MP3 codecs/encoding software :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the is un-updated and therefore out of date. CD-RW.ORG has the recent information.