New AOpen DSW2012P What is it?

what is this new AOpen 20x burner?

never mind, its probably a damn lite-on

It’s not a LO. At least not to me anyway.

I want to know about this drive too… It’s one of my options for a 20x drive.

From AOpen’s site, it is the LO 20A1P. Yet, from TD’s pictures, it resembles a Samsung. But the current 20x Samsung is SATA only.

any clues yet on what this drive may be a rebadge off?

Isnt the 202 PATA and the 203 SATA?!?!?

It is, but maybe at the time of the original post the pata 202 wasn’t available yet? So any chance the Aopen might be a Samsung 202 rebadge? And will it identify itself as Aopen or Samsung and be able to be crossflashed?

That’s correct, when AOpen first announced their 20x, only the 203 SATA was available. Now there are variations of the 202s and who knows what it could be. The 16x AOpens were LOs before.

From all the pics in the links in this thread it appears to be a LiteOn, the face and button don’t look like a Sammy at all. Looks like my 20A1P from the front.

"The DSW2012P incorporates Auto Balance System ([B]ABS[/B]) for decreased disc vibration at high burning speeds, Noise Control System ([B]NCS[/B]) that minimizes noise levels and Running Optimum Power Control ([B]ROPC[/B]) for high precision laser power control."
All these futures indicate a Litey. :iagree: