I seen commercials for the new AOL and they say you can watch TV shows and get a custom email address. For Free. Nah I don’t think so. No of their stations which they claim are FREE are not. You have to buy everything. The Email address, no. You cant create a email address that says So what is AOL just lying to get people to visit their site?

I have no use for AOL :Z


AOL is [I]so[/I] 80’s -eh!

New AOL / Old AOL…all the same :Z

I’ve been staying away from AOL since I was “burned” a few years ago, it was almost impossible to terminate the contract :smiley:

Domain Name:
Registrant: AOL LLC
22000 AOL Way
Dulles VA 20166

Haha! They bought it 12 years ago! Why not put it to good use…