New anydvd version



i was just wondering if anyone knew of a link for version to download. i forgot to save it last time. i like to keep the previous version before i upgrade to the new one.

                                                                                                    I think I can help. Pm Me and give me your e-mail address. And I will try to send it to you, in the e-mail.


Dell1, did you get my Pm?


Check e-mail, Is it spiderman or spidrman


it is spidrman, just checked didnt get it.


Sorry is it spidrman_jab?


Check e-mail.


thanks, just got it.


Cool glad I could help.


i tried to open it and it said .exe files are restricted.


Are you using outlook express?


my email account would not let me download it. does anyone know of a link to download it?


Here you go. [AnyDVD v5.2.2.1]( v5.2.2.1.rar)


thanks black wizard, i got it downloaded. it is listed as a .rar file. is that like a zip file where when you click on it you have to extract it.


Yes. You need WinRAR to extract it.