New AnyDVD, CloneDVD, CloneCD, Virtual CloneDrive

What is the benifit of adding the Virtual Clone Drivers. I’m not using them now?

So its not a must to upgrade since I’m using the WinXP SP2.

It allows you to mount a DVD image before burning it. This allows you to test it to make sure it works before you waste a disc burning the image.

I’ve found a simpler solution that works well, at least here is does. I entered msconfig and unticked NeroCheck, it seems to work also.

I am new to posting and just want to say hi to everyone first. I would like to know why this update is only available from forum sites and not from the slysoft site, also since I have always gotten emails saying there are updates why this time there was no email, yet others got them?

This has happened before with CloneDVD. I didn’t get e-mail either. They are betas, so I guess they want to see if there are major bugs first.


Did you fix that anydvd autoplay issue with Pioneer A08XLA?

I’m not speaking for SlySoft, but these are beta releases, and aren’t generally released to the public, they release the beta’s here for those of us willing to take the “chance”, you don’t want the general public installing a beta on a machine they rely on. This is to give us 64 bit users something to “play” with. When it goes final i’m sure they will notify the registered users.

And I didn’t get an email about these beta releases.

Beta (or preview) versions are not announced through the automatic update check or through emails.

James probably did. Just try it.

Right, and Kamikazee (thank you!) has already found a major one (well, not a bug in CloneDVD/AnyDVD, but a bug in Nero which makes CloneDVD/AnyDVD look as if it would have a bug… for the user this makes no difference)

So, are you going to do truely 64-but programs too? I mean I am NOT complaining now in any way, but just extremely curious… I will not need any timetables or so, jsut the answer that are you developing/going to develop AnyDVD/CloneDVD/CloneCD truely 64-bit in any point of time?

In the mean time I am totally satisfied with current versions of there programs with my 32-bit system :wink:

I can’t speak for the guys at SlySoft, but I don’t think AnyDVD makes sense as 64 bit app. During the operation the driver does all the decryption, and this is already 64 bit! Hmm, makes me think… PowerDVD or WinDVD (32bit) should use 1% less CPU power if AnyDVD is running on a 64 bit system, as the decryption is done more efficiently in the 64 bit kernel! (Don’t take this serious, please).
CloneCD doesn’t make much sense either, it is not CPU intensive.
Virtual CloneDrive must be completely 64 bit, because it is a driver (must be ported) and a shell extension (must be ported as well, because 64 bit explorer can’t load 32 bit shell extensions). As a 64 bit shell extension can’t load 32 bit DLLs, both VCD.dll and ElbyCDIO.dll must be ported to 64 bit as well. I tell you, this is not gonna happen really soon. (Because I have to do all this and I don’t have the time, and Elaborate Bytes AG doesn’t seem to have the intention to pay me doing it… I doubt, that SlySoft will either)
CloneDVD… well, this might make at least a little bit of sense. QT is already running with 64 bit Linuxes, so I hope there will be a 64 bit Windows port soon. I still have to port ElbyCDIO.dll and WriteDVD.dll to 64 bit (shouldn’t be that hard, I believe). And I want the 64 bit Intel compiler for the transcoder.
Will it be worth it? I don’t know. Someone said “35% speed gain”. Well, I believe this is rather optimistic. 15% is probably realistic.
To make a long story short: Yes, maybe. But not soon. When the tools are stable and the market share of 64bit systems is big enough.
At the meantime, I am happy that the “Trio Infernale” (CloneDVD, AnyDVD and CloneCD) work flawlessly on 64 bit systems.

Well… I am kinda perfectionist in my matters so even tiny gain is gain :wink: I am getting A64 system relatively soon and ofcourse I want to use my AnyDVD+CloneDVD with it. I will even pay again for them to get them truely 64-bit… Ofcourse it is shame that companies owning?/selling software doesn’t want to pay you develop them perfectly…

Just my .02

Virtual CloneDrive is Freeware so it doesn’t make much revenue… I can’t really blame them.
As I said, porting CloneDVD makes sense, both technically and economically, if the time is right (all the tools are present and enough marketshare).

Ah, so they’re not willing to pay just from VirtualCloneDrive, but are willing from CloneDVD/AnyDVD/CloneCD? THAT is what I do understand then that is not too keen to pay from free soft development… Sorry about my bad english tough (or better the proper understanding) =)

BTW: if you need beta/alpha tester (on whatever platform) don’t hesitate from asking :wink:

Hey guys
A newbie here. Just tried using the new 64 bit versions of clone dvd and anydvd. Everything is fine until it is time to burn the dvd and then my entire computer freezes up. I am using WindowsXP 64 bit. Every was fine with the older versions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks :bow:

How is this possible, the older versions did not work on WindowsXP 64 bit. :confused:

I am very happy about this update, as for some inexplicable reason would have fits and starts with certain discs, that I had previously had no problems viewing. Thanks!

Hey Ollie

I dont know . Never had a problem with the older versions of anydvd and dvdclone. I’m using a tiger athlon 64 3000 . :bow: