New AnyDVD and AnyDVD HD versions released

I just posted the article New AnyDVD and AnyDVD HD versions released.

Slysoft has released new versions of AnyDVD and AnyDVD HD. The program comes now with version number and includes the following changes.New:

New: Added "Create Logfile" menu,...
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Slysoft’s new pricing structure makes all of their programs terribly overpriced. Save your money.

Rich86, how could you say that. Slysoft’s has one of the best support teams. When a problem arises, they usually have the fix for that disc usually within 24 hours of it’s release. I know of no other program that equals Slysofts products in value. It’s worth it to spend A few dollar$ and have less problems searching For the Fix latter

I can say it very easily - Slysoft jacked up their prices an exorbitant amount around 1/1/08 - it is no longer a good value for the money - even with their various coupon discounts they offer. DVDFabDeCryptor is free - and works just as well. :X
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Rich86; It’s not that they jacked up their prices , they just took it off the dollar standard and are now pricing their programs to the euro. it’s economics. The problem with free progams are that they are not upgraded as often and don’t usually cover all of the the new factors of problems that arise

Like I said - Slysoft jacked up their prices by a huge percentage (yes - by switching the monetary basis for their pricing - but the result is the same) and their products are no longer worth what they try to charge for them . . . and the free product I mentioned is upgraded as frequently (actually more frequently) than AnyDVD. Kudos to Fengtao . . . But if you like Slysoft enough to pay their exorbitant software prices - that is surely your privilege. :X

:)went to buy anydvdhd but jeez when i went to down load it and seen the price of aud. $304.23 i fell out of my chair i would like to know how much they charge every 12 monhts for updates .when they bring the price down i will hve a rethink .