New any dvd

New any dvd just out 6042
AnyDVD History, 2006 07 28

  • New: Added option to set the transparency of Video DVD subtitles!
    This is very useful for people with large projection systems, as
    bright subtitles can reduce the contrast of the image or can be
    distracting. Making the subtitles transparent can greatly enhance the
    viewing experience.
  • Fix: AnyDVD could display “Arccos/Puppetlock” protection on copies.
  • Fix: Setting the drive speed with AnyDVD could cause read errors
    with some DVD drives, e.g. NEC DVD Writers.
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages

anybody try the transparency function yet?

This was already posted once…

I updated to with no problems.

Not sure if I understand what this really does. Of course I’m a blonde too. Where’s reasons or some other guru when you need them??? :doh:

Read here for detailed information…
Paragraph 2.2 - Changing the transparency

Thanks :bow: