New Antispy Software Beta from Microsoft

Just thought I’d let everyone know (if they dont already) about MS new Antispy. MS bought out Giant Antispy and came up with this. I’ve found it great. I also have Spybot and Ad-Aware but MS picked up a few they missed, and the three work well together. I’m not sure how long it will be freeware, but get it while you can: MS Antispy Thanks to Robbo at Alcohol Soft.

pollushon > Thanx will give it a go. Do you have the M$ web page for it?

No sweat: Hope it works as well for you.

I see why you give the 1st link for d/l as you have to go through a validate thang lol Thanx again.


thanx a lot for the idea and for saving us the time for validation.

thanks pollushon,

ill give that a shot, i also use spybot and adaware pro and only today i tried deleting a folder in my pictures that contained some pics i got from a web site and it wouldnt delete only in safe mode.

Wow what can i say just ran the full test and it detected 12 treats and now my internet is back up to true speed :bow:


Thanks for the link - works very good-


If M$ would get rid of their Active X we wouldn’t have to worry about Spyware…leave IE and use Firefox, I haven’t had one piece of Spyware on my computer in 7 monthe since I started using it!

All I use is Firefox since discovering it,(3 or so months ago) I’ve had plenty of spyware since. Active X and IE arent the only cause of spyware.