New Android "sensory malware" listens in, steals financial data

New Android “sensory malware” listens in, steals financial data.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Most Android tablet and smartphone owners are aware by now that there are malware applications that can steal sensitive data by recording a user’s keystrokes as they enter information like passwords and credit card numbers. Newer, more sophisticated malware, however, has the ability to lie in wait until a user is speaking potentially “high-value information”, and then will covertly transmit snippets of that data into the hands of cyber-thieves.

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Potentially every piece of stored information can be accessed by someone who isn’t authorized or who means harm or intends to steal information or money.

They best response if for O/S builders to acknowledge this and ensure that through open market, appropriate applications are available to thwart these attempts. Also, O/S builders should do everything reasonably possible to plug security holes and encourage the reporting of such holes. Hackers are going to find them, encourage them to turn in the problem, reward them if necessary.

This is verty simple to fix -> Skype / Phone programs have EXCLUSIVE access to the microphone when active.


I don’t know why Android get singled out with storys like this, it’s not like apple scans for malware they only check for the looks of an app, that it runs nicely and is within the app store guidelines.
Various ios apps have been found to have a secret code to enable extra features like taking a photo with the volume buttons or proxy tethering.

the difference is Android shows you what permissions an app wants iphone doesn’t, if you ignore the permission android shows you that’s your problem.

These story’s are really about AntiVirus devs scaring people into buy their wares, do you find antivirus on ios?, no because apple won’t let them.