New Android ransomware variant photographs victim



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A new ransomware variant for Android tricks users into installing a pornographic app then makes a picture of the user after which it shows a notification with the photo and the demand of a ransom to unlock the phone.

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Click happy users should read this and listen…

The app, called Adult Player, is not offered in the Google Play store and security analyst Shivang Desai of Zscaler Labs therefore recommends users to only install apps from trusted sources like the Google Play store.


i install apps from “untrusted” sources all the time. Heck, 90% of xda-dev is filled with it. Even for untrusted sources it’s usually just fine, just gotta look out WHERE you get your untrusted sources from


F-Droid is probably a more trust-worthy repository than Google Play. 100% of F-Droid’s programs are Free and Open Source, so there’s probably going to be fewer malicious apps. I have yet to find even so much as an ounce of adware, let alone malware.