New and puzzled

Hi, just signed up for this forum. I have a problem with a AVI file I want to burn ,to make a VCD I can watch using my DVD player.

I can watch it using WMP and the CD drive in my PC, and I converted it to MPEG, but when I try to open it with NERO to burn it I get a message that it is an “unexpected file format”.
I’ve been usin Nero for a while, and that is the first time it happens to me.

Can somebody help me? I Use version 6, and winxp SP1.

sebastian pons

Wouldnt bother with nero for this, just use VCD Gear, just add the mpeg file via the video-cd part and it will create bin/cue files, burn via cue file and you’ll have a vcd that works! unexpected file format this tends to mean an incorrect mpeg file, i.e it still thinks its an avi file, or the file headers wrong etc, this can be corrected using vcd gear’s vcdgear option and “fix mpeg errors”.

Thank you for your answer!

I’ve downloaded VCD Gear , but it is not clear to me what I’ve to do. Can you help me in figuring out what steps to take?

Thank you again
sebastian pons

Sure. Select the video-cd tab/button, on right hand side select add track, then select your mpeg file, after this select the save button and type a name, then hit start, this will create a bin and a cue file, burn using cue file.

Well, the fog clears somewhat :-)…

But I still can’t do it. Message I get says: “Unable to open CD i-application
files. Check your configuration”.

Makes sense to you?
Also I remember that in Nero I couldn’t see the file with the default options, I had to switch to “all files” to see it.

Thanks, and if you’re ready for another push, I’ll give it another try.

sebastian pons

Sounds like there’s a problem with the mpeg file you created, if you still have the original avi, try converting again. If not, well, that might be a problem. Using vcdgear, use the 1st tab called vcd gear, under extraction/conversion, change this to mpeg->mpeg, and put a tick in fix mpeg errors, using load button select your mpeg file and using save type a different name and hit start, this will try to fix any errors in the mpeg file, though its not 100% guaranteed. Once vcd gear is finished, use video-cd tab and try to add the mpeg file again.