New and old "easter eggs" !!! !!!


nero burning rom

Easter Egg: 1. Click on Help-About
2. Double click on any point of the image
3. There are 4 scrolling effects available
4. Just double click again and again to see them all!
5. Enjoy!


Easter Egg: 1. Start mIRC ver 5.51 or above.
2. Click Help
3. Choose About
4. Press the Tab button 5 times
5. Press the space bar 5 times.
Now the picture of Khaled turned to a fluffy doll. Excactly like the egg with arnie.

Easter Egg: 1. Click on “Help” from the toolbar
2. Select “About…”
3. Click on the end of Khaled’s nose

IRC Version 3.63 and above

See how funny your favorite chat client can get!

Move your mouse over the yellow About button on the toolbar. Once the tool tip appears, click your right mouse button over and over. Keep clicking to see a “personalized” message! On later versions, you can right-click every buttons and get the same results.

Hold down your right mouse button over the toolbar for a few seconds, then while keeping the right mouse button depressed, move your mouse over the yellow About button on the toolbar and hold down the left mouse button. Hold both buttons for a few seconds, then let go. The About icon will turn into a smiley face!

Open the About dialog box (the one with the author’s picture). Right-click anywhere in the dialog box (except over a button) and a dot over the I in mIRC will start bouncing!

Open the About dialog box and left-click that author’s nose for a “squeeky” surprise!

Open the About dialog box and type arnie to see the author’s favorite playtime pal!

winRAR v2.50
Easter Egg: 1. Select Help
2. Select About WinRAR
3. Just click on the books and they will fall down!
4. Enjoy!

excell 97

Here is the Excel97 Easter Egg

  1. Open a New Excel spreadsheet
  2. Press F5 (go to) and enter the range X97:L97
  3. Click on the OK button
  4. Press the Tab key to once put you in cell M97
  5. Hold the Ctrl+Shift keys while you left click once on the chart button on the toolbar. This is the one that looks like a bar chart.
  6. What comes up is a full screen fractal landscape. You can fly around using the mouse and left and right mouse buttons to control your speed.

Excel 7 Easter Egg 2

  1. Open a New Excel spreadsheet
  2. Down arrow until you reach cell 95
  3. Select the entire row by clicking the mouse on the 95 on the left side
  4. Tab to column B
  5. Select Help / About Microsoft Excel
  6. While holding down the Control and Shift Keys, click on Tech Support
  7. A window should come up that you can move around in.
  8. Use the arrow keys for left, right, forward, backward
  9. C and D are down and up.
  10. Turn towards the wall away from the stairs and type EXCELKFA
    The wall disappears and you can wall to a back room with pictures.

Credits: Microsoft Excel 2000

  1. Open a blank worksheet in Excel 2000
  2. Press F5 (go to) and type in the range X2000:L2000, then click OK.
  3. Now press Tab once (this should put you in cell M2000)
  4. Press Ctrl+Shift while clicking once on the chart wizard button (the blue-yellow-red bar chart icon)
  5. After a few moments, you will see a complete credits list.
  6. When you are done, exit the screen by pressing Esc.


ie explorer

See what’s happened when Microsoft developers get really bored…
Try this (amazing)
Hold down Shift at all times.

Go to Help | About, close the about window. Repeat this 3 times while keepholding the Shift key.

word 97 pinball

Pinball in Word 97: Microsoft Word 97

  1. Open a new document.
  2. Type “Blue” (without quotes)
  3. Select the word Blue
  4. Go to Format -> Font
  5. Choose Font Style Bold, Color Blue
  6. Type " " (space) after word “Blue”
  7. Go to Help -> About
  8. Ctrl-Shift-Left click the Word icon/banner
  9. Use Z for left flipper, M for right flipper, and ESC to exit