New and Need Help with Nero oem suite

I hope this is the correct forum for my question as I am a new user here.
I have nero oem suite 3 that came with my liteon dvd r/rw.
It is version
Can I make a svcd to play in my dvd player that contains pictures(slideshow) and background music?
Also, would I be better off quality wise to make a dvd of the pictures?
I am very new to the dvd buring thing.
Either way, all I really want is a slide show of my pictures with background music.
Is nero right for the job?
If not I would appreciate any opinions on what free software will do this for me.

yes, you can make a svcd with nerovision express. You can also update to the latest version of 6.6 and nerovision express 3. It is a free upgrade.

Yes, nero can handle good with slideshows, you can import background music without
problems, and if you’ve enough pictures i’d prefer dvd as the output!

Ok, great.

Only problem is that the instuction manual does not seem to tell me HOW to add background music.

I have searched here and in the help files with no luck.
Do I just add the mp3’s to the list?
What if I want more than one song or diff songs for different pics?

Can anyone tell how to actually add the music to the svcd?

A description there - though I’m guessing that makes it as a VIDEO presentation.
This describes (though the pictures are broken) a way to make stills + audio.

Advantages of “true stills”? - “DVD resolution”, in VCD or SVCD format.

Of course, “true stills” excludes transitions, unless you mix stills and video segments.