New and need help please!

Hello I’m new here, I am deploying soon to Iraq again and I would like to make a backup of all my movies(DVD’s) to take with me. I have burn and done alot with music CD’s but never done anything with DVD’s. I really don’t even know where to start, I have a Dell Inspiron 5150 Notebook with XP, I was wondering what would be a good external drive to buy and what program to use to copy and burn DVD’s.
I also heard about DVD Cloner 4 does has anyone used this?

Thanks for any help :bow:

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If you need to bring with you your movie collection, maybe burning a lot of DVDs is not a good idea. If you plan to watch these movies on a computer, maybe you can consider to convert all your movies in avi.

Moreover, storing these avi movies on an external hard disc you can bring with you a lot of movie in a less cumbersome way: a HDD is easier to handle than a box of DVD discs.

To convert your DVDs into avi, you can use the free AutoGK (it already contains all needed software, xvid codec included). Then, to play these movies on your computer you can use the (again free) VLC player.

Thanks that would be a good idea, but I really want to bring clones of the DVD’s I have plus others that I would borrow from others. Also so that others could borrow from me while there. Is DVD Cloner 4 a good program? What is a good external drive? I’m currently looking through alot of sites and review and just wanted some from here thanks.

As geno888 suggested, but if you still wish to backup to DVD, try R4Me, or DVDFabdecrypter is my fave program…And good luck in your deployment, come back safe …
try this site,
or this one,
and of course the site you’re on…

This is not legal, you know? :wink:

You can backup only movies you own, not movies you can bring from friends :disagree:

DVD Shrink (free) or Slysoft CloneDVD2 (not free) are the better solutions to backup into DVD format.