New and Hard One, Problom 2 watch and copy dvd movie



Hi every one befor i start…
I search and I seen many dvd movies problom but like what i have i didn’t see on internet " There is but i didn’t find it"

So I have a DvD movie names Persepolis Recreated or on Youtupe

So what the problom that i have… when i inserting the dvd,
1.Not working
2.when i clicking on dvd drive showing

I tryed Appl dvd deco… but not working at all even cant see the dvd-rom
this is what making me realy to know which kind of dvd protection they uesed…also dvd working very good on home DVD

waiting ur answer…


are you using dvdfab?


Are you using Alcohol or any emulation applications?


why did he get banned?


?? I must have missed something here.


Same here !!!

What happened there??


kiyanooah’s title says [I]sin binned![/I]