New AMD ‘Crimson’ drivers damage videocards due to overheating



We’ve just posted the following news: New AMD ‘Crimson’ drivers damage videocards due to overheating[newsimage][/newsimage]

AMD has confirmed its new Crimson drivers can cause videocards to overheat. The Crimson drivers are the successors to AMD’s famous Catalyst software and after users starting to install the new drivers many found their videocard started to overheat.

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Seems like a feature to gain sales? :bigsmile:

On a serious note, whatever happened to serious programmers knowing what they do? It is a strange time we live in, I have repeatedly had to repair Windows installations for programmers the latter years, and that was a thing unheard of some 10-15 years ago.
In my mind, a programmer is knowledgeable when it comes to hardware/OS, but fact is that it is not true anymore and it kind of frightens me… Development by the kitchen sink iow, even I can do that and in addition, fix my own OS, even figure out flaws in a driver installation.

It is a general problem of the day, I certify knowledge I already have while this bunch take their exam doing the same… :rolleyes:


[QUOTE=DoMiN8ToR;2764268]We’ve just posted the following news: New AMD ‘Crimson’ drivers damage videocards due to overheating[newsimage][/newsimage]

            Read the full article here:

            Please note that the reactions from the complete site will be synched below.[/QUOTE]

This is why ATI will always plays second fiddle to Nvidia. I already said and will say this agian AMD(ATI) drivers are poorly made and even poorly tested.


Know vegetable is all they do!

I assume AMD drivers are written in a chink code workchop - replacing an ever faulty CCC with another fresh n faulty Chimpson (or so) suit. I expect them every day to shut down business … can’t take such code quality much longer. The performance of AMD is seriously embarrassing.

Some people, on the other side, will celebrate once AMD is history.


I have an XFX R9 380 4GB GPU and the Crimson AMD driver and I do not see what everyone is complaining about.

Fan speed locked at 30%? Mine idles at 32% to 33%. I just played a bit of Wolfenstein: The New Order and the fan speed got to 41% at a temp of 50c

All this info is from HWiNFO64 v5.10-2700.


Why does the driver mingle with fan speeds in the first place? Totally useless and dangerous feature.

Leave fan control to the card/sensor and all is well.


@Millennium12: I agree. There is no sense in letting drivers control the fan speed. Chances are, these video cards have their own firmware, which controls lord-knows-what. It seems logical to have said firmware control the fan speeds. That way, even if the the OS freezes, doesn’t have a driver, or whatever else might happen, the card will still prevent itself from damaging itself.


Somewhat off topic, but still…
One small general comment is due the way the thread has developed. fwiw, no power saving is activated on any of my machines (drivers messing with stuff). The results are conclusive… A harddrive works about 7 years as it never stops and so on. My computers tend to last longer as well this way…
Not that any of my computers ever die, they simply make it to the virtual state and becomes static members of their time which I can go to if I suddenly remember a program I used to use. I started this project around the millennium and as far as I can tell, the ‘greener’ IT comes from deactivating the powersaving features, at least in this country where power is provided from running water.

Just an observation…


Without power savings feature my box would eat 350 watts from mains and that’s a lot of expensive juice going down the gurgler.
Idle/desktop my box is just ~120 watts.

CPU/GPU clock slowdown is an important saver just like TV’s eco sensor dimming brightness according to room illumination. It saves me ~100 watt in the evening.

However, all that is not software/driver controlled - it’s firmware and it just works! Unfortunately code monkeys writing drivers are unpredictable and nowadays mostly inept to do the job properly even if it works!

Look at Firefox or Thunderbird both are ram guzzler - while I type this in latest FF 296MB ram is taken and this is only a f* primitive browser which should not even use a 100MB for what it is. The email client Thunderbird is taking me 137MB for just sitting there an fetching email from time to time - I would say 20MB would be plenty for such a primitive tool.

Look at Windows the worst offender on this planet - 20GB on disk and 2.8GB in ram here… WHY! I remember times I could load CP/M nicely into 64KB ram and it all worked even the accounting program.

Why is all this? coz coders don’t care about ram footprint/optimisation and the compilers are ram guzzler by default settings. The code industry turned into an inept mess of boneheads and we are their beta testers. Hallelujah!

Okay, just my 2cents and now gunna go breakfast is on the table!

just another observation…

happy Saint Nicholas Day (okay we’re 1 day ahead!)


15.12 is out…


[QUOTE=chef;2765221]15.12 is out…[/QUOTE]
And out goes your AMD card time to buy a new one in hopes it doesn’t burn out as well??? :stuck_out_tongue: