New AMD Athlon 4000+ with 366Mhz FSB

Some chinese website has gotten hold of a pic that is supposedly a new CPU from AMD. Maybe Kenshin can tell us if this website is a legit source :slight_smile:

The 4000+ would be a Athlon64 right? It seems the Athlon64 kick’s Intels butt despite being clocked at 1Ghz less! (That’s very cool :cool: )

I want one! :slight_smile:

(OT question for Kenshin or any other asian user, why does asian websites so often have numbers in them? Even chinese goverment sites have numbers (like Very OT I know :))

The source looks alright to me. Chinese websites are generally not that concerned about NDA.,01,02,9202.htm

Even AMD Barton 3.419.588MHz with 512KB L2 cache?

The Athlon XP 4000+ looks like a Barton 130nm 366MHz FSB 512KB L2 version, rather than Athlon 64. Athlon 64 will use different core names (Opteron, Hammer, or whatever else.) 366MHz is somewhere between 333MHz and 400MHz.

Why do some Chinese sites have numbers? Cultural reasons maybe. Too many South Koreans like to use the Korean language in URL and file names making web search and linking more difficult.

And Hammer…,01,02,9201.htm

I have a strange feeling this one is fake… I’ve seen many of pics like these on the net and all/most of them were fake.

Besides that, a 366Mhz FSB??? Get real… I don’t think we’ll ever see a DDR bus on 183Mhz… after we get 166Mhz (Barton) I don’t think that 183 will be the next. If there is ever going to be an Athlon XP with FSB > 166Mhz, it’ll at least be 200Mhz. For an additional 17Mhz it’s not worth the money of all the new chipseta, mainboard etc etc…

Originally posted by Dee-ehn
For an additional 17Mhz it’s not worth the money of all the new chipseta, mainboard etc etc…

To me, it’s 100/133MHz to 183MHz. :slight_smile:

Would take all of about a minute to make the same image in photoshop, and that is what I have to assume has happened here.

Zoom in on the picture where the writing is. Notice how the black is consistant except where the lettering is? Obvious fakery.

absolutely fake
vendor number id dont match the standard AMD vendor number system.