New aldi model tevion tdr5102 plays everything



hi everyone, im located in australia ive just purchased the new aldi model dvd recorder that records dvd+ and dvdr- disc and plays all formats wma, mp3, mpeg4 divx to many to name .i was wondering if anyone has a macrovision turnoff mod that theyve found in the menus or have found online .id like to find out any mods the aldo dvd is region 0 and of the box , if i can find any macrovision mods id love to know .thx in advance satob1 nsw australia. :slight_smile:


I think that Macrovision is encoded on a chip on the MOBO and I don’t think you will be able to switch it off. However, you’d be better to ask your question here:
as this is a board for Australian-specific digital broadcast and hardware.