New Alcohol 120% with support for 16x writers and media

I just posted the article New Alcohol 120% with support for 16x writers and media.

phoenix used our news submit to tell us “Presently only available to new purchasers or previously purchased users, Trial version due to be released in 7-14 days.” What’s new in…

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I fail to see any new versions available to anyone.

OK, found it. I don’t know why it’s so well hidden.

BTW, according to Alcohol support, this version should contain the newest virtual drive driver that corrects some conflicts with other drivers and software.

Maybe it’s me, but where are those major improvements? Did they need all those months for these few adjustments?

I am wondering the same thing as Namoh, it has taken months on end, and other than reading DVD DPM there seems to be little progress. It doesnt even appear that the blacklisting problems have been fixed. Ben :slight_smile:

Now what do I think the wait was for Updated online activation:X

first clonecd now alcohol … at least i hope blindwrite will continue to serve the gamers-backing up games has become a very hard task and without the proper programs u cant do many things :c:c

install in expert-mode and change the device drivers name. after that change the virtual drive vendor and firmware revision. no more hassle with blacklisting. maybe too difficult for the average user :stuck_out_tongue: