New Alcohol 120% version released - new languages and fixes

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phoenix and vodka were both kind enough to let us know that a new version of the Alcohol 120% software has been released. Version has some small fixes and supports new…

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Using Alcohol 120% v1.3.3 (build 1027), I successfully created a virtual image of Unreal Tournament 2003. I used a Lite-On LXR-24101A external USB 2.0 burner to read the CD. I selected the ‘Securom *NEW (V4.x)’ ‘Datatype’, and left the ‘Read Speed’ at ‘Maximum’. It took about 12 minutes to do the ‘Data Position Measurement’ analysis, and another 3 minutes to copy the CD to my hard disk. I had to do two non-default things to get the game to work after making the virtual copy on my hard disk: 1. Mount the virtual image onto the virtual drive. 2. Under ‘File… Options… Emulation…’ Check ‘Sub-Channel Data Fixed & Emulation’. 3. Dismount all DAEMON-Tools virtual images. It takes about 15 extra seconds for the SecuRom pointer icon to go away, but the game starts up, and plays great! g

Hi. Just did a back-up of ut2003 (aus). Used standard securom new (4.X) settings and left all normal. Had to use my pioneer 117, coz the litey 48125w doesnt read DPM data. Anyway the dpm analysis took 10:31 mins, and reading took 4:20. Daemon tools failed to load it correctly. Loaded it up with alcohol, and did what radojevic said, and it failed to work… i then restarted the pc, and it worked… I exited the game, tried again, and it failed. I think it has something to do with daemon tool running, but im not sure… ill do some more digging about…

got it working re-did the image using my liteon 48125w using 24x DPA speed, and the image was created in under 8mins. I use daemon tools 3.23 with no emulation options and it works after about 10sec. of the securom cd spinning. I think the problem was that my pioneer 117 cant read sub-channel data properly… sweet as!

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