New Alcohol 120%:

There’s a new version of Alcohol 120%. You can download the version at] The changelog:

Alcohol 120% v1.3.5.1112


Some minor bugs that was reported by users from previous version.

Game crashed back to desktop problem for few games in previous version on Windows 2000/XP.

Windows 95/98/SE crashed at Windows shutdown process.


Improve the DPM function.

Enhance the operation procedure, make it more reasonable.

Add Danish language support, and update Germany and Swedish language files.

Supports more devices, You can find more detailed information at development here.


Discuss the new version here!

Has anyone tested this version regarding the only protection that Alcohol 120% couldn’t handle with in previous version: the latest SecuROM?

Looks like your download server is down :frowning:

@ ernstblaauw : u dutch dude ??? :smiley: :smiley: BTW, no its not, I presume if it would copy securom they would say so.
Like the blindwrite team did !

Well cheers m8 !


Originally posted by Dynacron
Looks like your download server is down :frowning:

And now is up! Thank You! :wink:

Does Alcohol 1.3.5 1112 now support Securom ?


No and yes. No you can’t make a 1:1 copy but you can emulate the Securom from a image using the built in Virtual drive. Yes, you can make a copy (not quite 1:1) using Blindwrite’s free BWA builder and Blackcheck’s Twinpeaks program. You generate the BWA file with Blindwrite’s BWA builder, create a image file with Alcohol and save it as a clone image, use Blackcheck’s Twinpeaks program to modify the clone image, then burn the modified image with Alcohol. Easy Cheesy! :bigsmile: