New ad campaign from Gateway advocates Illegal CDs?

I just posted the article New ad campaign from Gateway advocates Illegal CDs?.

Computer manufacturer Gateways has a new advertising campaigne. Let first take a look at this:

A man slides a CD into his truck’s stereo. Music fills the cabin. The camera pulls back, revealing…

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Time to go and buy something from the Gateway store…

Hmm, I suddenly like Gateway. Lol - All the companies EXCEPT the RIAA have realised that it’s really easy to make us the Consumers, the ones with the power, happy. They just offer us what we want. Why is it that the RIAA cant seem to get this through their ridiculasly thick heads. WE WANT CHEAPER MUSIC!! £15 for a CD is ridiculas.

Hillary Rosen isn’t concerned about educating the public, she’s using scare tactics to steal our money, thegreat682 said.

Gateway rulez this time…

Apple does a similar thing here in Australia. It’s not making me going to rush out and buy a mac though. Same goes for Gateway, Piracy is everywhere, I think the RIAA should wake up and smell the roses. Consumers aren’t going to pay for anything that they can get for free.

They’re not advocating illegal CDs. They’re expressing support for our fair use rights.

Agree with you wiccabilly, besides, I thought yanks were patrons of free enterprise. Is hillary suffering from PMT 24/7 ???..someone send her a dildo !!! :7

I still can’t see why they get so upset about CDs. People have been taping their music for years onto cassette tapes, and doing exactly the same things with the tape as they would with a CD. What’s the big deal? :slight_smile:

The RIAA is mad because when people use to spread tapes they only made a couple, and gave them to a very few people. However, with the Internet, instead of just giving your music to your close friends, you can give the entire world access to your content. So the RIAA thinks they are losing much much more money from it.