New Ad-Aware version 5.71 released

I just posted the article New Ad-Aware version 5.71 released.

peaceandlove used our newssubmit to tell us about a new version of Ad-Aware that has been released. Version revision is 5.71 and detection of CommonNameIEBar and DAP has been added.


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definatively a must-have !

I noticed that Ad-Aware now also detects Download Accelarator Plus and tries to remove it. I wasn’t aware that DAP was considered Spyware of Adware or something like that. I installed it myself and apart from the banner in the download menu (which I don’t oppose to in a free program) I haven’t noticed it doing anything unwanted. Am I missing something here? Lavasoft unfortunately does not report why it wishes to remove a certain program. Can anyone tell me what is wrong wihth DAP?

Check out Another download manager, except this one has no ads, no banners, and best of all no spyware. :8

Indeed a must to have these days founded in my other pc 26 items delted them all.

TBZ thanks for the link, seems like a nice program :slight_smile: DAP definately is spyware :frowning: You can find more info here: