New AD-7240s. Eject tray gets stuck for split second. Normal?

if there’s no disc in the drive, the tray opens and closes fine.

if there is a disc inside, and i try press the eject button, tray gets stuck for a half second before it opens

do any of you have this slight problem?

I think it does that to move the optics back to the home position and stop the disc from spinning, so it can open.

This is “normal”. Just about everyone who has an AD-7240S notices the same thing, and Sony has stated that this is how it is supposed to work.

Yes that is completely normal for the 7240S to do that mine does it also. :iagree:

mine doesnt eject at all says the tray is open. i suppose its faulty :frowning: n edit: seems to work after i changed the sata power cable - strange. used the first sata power cable with my old writer and it worked fine.

mine does the same. when disc is in, i hit eject and it clicks open then a second or so after that then the tray comes fully open.