New AACS protection hacked before release

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On May 22nd, new HD movies will be released featuring AACS version 3 and using a new volume key, however, unfortunately for the AACS LA, the new version has been beaten already! SlySoft’s…

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What a waste of money and more reason to continue to bleed money from our pockets… Prices would be so much lower if they just dropped this non-sense…

yeah, and people would not need to hack to get a cheaper copy, as it’s already cheap and DRM-free!!

“…major compatibility problems by preventing non HDCP compatible digital displays from being able to show protected HD content in high definition” I keep hearing this. Why ? The image constraint tolken is not supposed to be active in any HD titles until 2012 or something so I don’t understand this claim. Anyone ?

The ICT only applies to analog connections. Because it is not active, consumers are able to watch the movies at full resolution via component hookups. Digital connections, like DVI and HDMI, are different. If HDCP is not supported (or not working), the player must refuse to send a signal through the connection.

What a misallocation of resources. The money would have been better spent on enforcement efforts against large scale dupe operations. AACS, CSS, and the like are most effective by volume against individual users. Conversely, the initial investment of time and effort to beat the system is spread out for the large scale pirates in Asia. Its not the 12 year olds in Bakersfield who are singlehandedly bankrupting you Warner Bros…

LOL, if I do decide to get a HD player for my PC, I will definitely upgrade my AnyDVD to include HD. I have a 24" Dell Widescreen monitor which is not HDCP but able to show 1920x1200 natively, it would be nice to watch a movie on it in 1080 HD without having to scrap my equipment for a monitor that has some HDCP chip installed! Way to go Slysoft!

Your 24" Dell Widescreen monitor, if it is model 2407WFP, it does support HDCP!

neo1918 Hey, just so you know, component hookups are analog - not digital. So, if they work with full HD resolutions then it is because the protection is not turned on for the program title, for now anyhow! For more info on component connection see:
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“Your 24” Dell Widescreen monitor, if it is model 2407WFP, it does support HDCP!" 2405FPW :frowning: I bought it right before the release of the same monitor but with the chip installed.