New A08XL Won't Read Any Disks

Just purchased a new A08XL. First I noticed it wouldn’t read the soptware install disk that came with it, then I kept getting verification errors while burning…seems the drive will not read any disks. It seems to burn just fine, but can’t read. The directions didn’t tell me I would have to send it to school ;-).

Anyway, I returned the first one I bought and have the same problem with the second one. All burned disks open fine on other drives, but I can’t open anything on the AO8. I’ve also flashed the drive to the latest firmware.

My old AO4 works just fine using the same cables and jumper settings.

Any ideas?

Ok, changing the drive from Slave to Master seemed to fix my problem. I’m working ok now, although my old A04 worked fine as the slave on this IDE channel.

I guess the A08 wants to be in control.

I too have a brand new A08XL and it won’t read any disks. I have it set to Master and my CDR-W is set to slave. I’m running windowsXP. Please, i need help with this. any help would be greatly appreciated.

I figured out why my A08XL was not reading discs. The master/slave pin selectors were correctly set but the pioneer drive was on the top and my samsung cd-rw was on the bottom. I simply switched drive positions so the pioneer was on the bottom and the samsung on top. This made the pioneer the first drive connected to the ribbon cable. Now it’s working great.

How good are these drives? I have a chance to pick up a brand new one for $65 at an AirForce Exhange.

These drives, the Pioneers are very good. I have the A08XL and it burns fast with no errors yet.