New 832s scanning previously burned 811s media produces much better results?

Ok, I recently upgraded to a 832s after getting fed up with disc’s that were freezing up on certain DVD players (my late model Sony set top player has been able to play all disc’s fine though, I have brought disc’s over to play at a couple of friend’s houses and the freezing occurred on those drives, they were decent one year old or newer players by the way).

My KRPOBE scans from the 811s were also pretty pathetic in most cases with an average PI of 400 with Ricoh JP-1 being the best overall and still averaging around 400 (but no spikes at least to 800 - 1200 as with other media).

I purchased the 832 earlier this week and my KRPOBE scans for new 8X burns using Ricoh JP-1 yields awesome scans with max PI errors of “14” and an average “.055” and 0 average PI errors.

I understand how the new burns on the 832s are scoring so well with KRPOBE scans and that’s exactly what I was “expecting” when I purchased the 832s to replace the 811s and I’m very happy with the 832s in every way.

What I am puzzled about though is that I can run KPROBE scans on disc’s previously burned on the 811s and running the same version of KPROBE (v2.2.3) scanning from the 832s a disc that was burned on the 811s the KPROBE scans from the 832s are very good, not as good as the new disc’s burned and scanned from the 832s but disc’s burned on the 811s that were scoring an average of around 400 PI on when running KPROBE from the 811s are now showing only around 100 average on the PO when the KPROBE scan is being performed on the new 832s!

Does this mean that my 811s was burning much better disc’s than it was “reading with KPROBE” since those disc’s that were showing an average of 400 when scanned using the 811s are now scanning with the 832s with much better results?

If this is the case, maybe the 811s just had a problem reading? Since the KPROBE scans are good from the 832s on media burned from the 811s which was showing horrible results when running KPROBE on those 811s burned disc’s from the 811s running the scan as well?

Note: the 811s is really a 411@811 and the 832 is really a 812@832 (VS08).

The 2S series are much better readers.

As noted before, you can’t compare scans between two different drives (811S vs. 2S). Scanning is not sufficient; you should also run reading tests on other drives and devices to help you better understand what the KProbe numbers really mean for you.

Really the KPROBE numbers didn’t mean “much at all to me” for months as I installed KPROBE and scanned some of my burned disc’s when I first purchased the Lite On 811s & the results seemed to be much “worse” than what I should have been getting (compared to others and the generally accepted error threshold not to exceed as to cause a problem with most set top players etc.) because all of my DVDs were playable in my set top player and on the 811s itself.

That made me not worry about KPROBE Adan it’s scanning results at all because I was getting horrible scans that according to most, shouldn’t’ have even been playable on a set top player without glitches (averages of up to 600 or more on the PI) but like I said, all of my disc’s were playing fine on my Sony player.

The reason I finally started to use KPROBE again more recently was when I found out that my disc’s were not readable in a couple of set top players when I brought some disc’s over to a couple of different friend’s houses to watch some DVDs. I took the disc’s that were giving problems on my friend’s players & I scanned them with the 811s using KPROBE to see what was up with the results and I know these same disc’s played without any errors on my Sony.

I guess my 811s was making horrible burns all of the time since I first started using it & for some reason my set top DVD player is very good at handling PI errors! :slight_smile:

The reason I bought a new drive is because I though that what would happen if I had to rely on a different DVD player to view all of my backed up DVDs? Most likely those disc’s wouldn’t play well on another player based on the results of the KPROBE scans (like isn’t’ 250 about the “max” on PI errors that most players can safely handle, and mine were averaging more than twice that plus they had pretty large spikes hitting 800-1000 frequently as well) and I would be stuck with disc’s that I couldn’t use again.

I wish I would have paid more attention to the early KPROBE scans initially even though the disc’s played back well in my Sony player because I could have returned the drive for a 851s! Of course now months later my only option was to buy another new drive.

Thanks for the info.