New 832S puts rings on DVDs



Hi all,

This is my first post, so please don’t be too hard on me.

Just bought a SOHW-832S and I’m not very happy. All my DVDs have ten rings with high PI/PIF errors, as seen on the attachments.

I’ve tested:

Princo DVD-R 4x (PRINCO)
Intenso DVD+R 4x (DDDessau-V20-000)
Sony DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPN-W11-001)

and the results are all the same, so I don’t think it’s media related.

I used firmwares VS04 and VS0A. VS04 seems to be a little better.

Has anyone seen before something like this? Is this a good reason for return/exchange it?


I forgot to give captions to the pictures:

1 - Princo DVD-R 4x recorded and tested at 4x with VS04

Next three were all recorded and tested with VS0A

2 - Princo DVD-R 4x recorded at 4x
3 - Sony DVD+RW (RICOHJPN-W11-001) recorded at 2.4x
4 - The same Sony, recorded at 4x

The two Princo scans use the same scale.


Welcome Stroboscopic
Very good first post indeed. :iagree:

To your problem.
I have a 832S, hmm… okay a 812@832 then to be true. On this setup I use firmware VS08 with good result. But then I only use good quality DVD+R media.

Princo´s are very bad media for your drive. (Actually on any drive as they are “per se” illegal.) In future I hope you can buy some better media. :wink:
I don´t think you will be able to burn princos at 4X if you wanna “nice” scans, more likely at 1X or at 2X max.

KProbe scans tell a lot, but not the whole picture. You can have skyhigh PI/PIF´s and be able to play/read the DVD just burned with no problem on your standalone or DVD drive.
Download Nero CD-DVD Speed and Nero Info Tool from HERE. Run a Speedtest and post it here.
Info-tool will give you all the information about your setup and drive. Play around and check if you have “DMA on” (enabled) on your drive.
Is your drive flashing orange/yellow during burn?

…This to start… :cool:


I’d like to add that the results Stroboscopic obtained with the Ricoh +RW media are completely satisfactory. You might try burning a disc with Nero CD Speed to make sure you’re not getting buffer underruns or anything like that, which could be causing the “rings” … keep in mind that burns at 6X or 8X will have “rings” anyway due to the shift in write speed.


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May so be… But not on my burns @8X using RICOH-R01, TY and MCC-002 media.



I can find the rings on my RICOHJPNR01 media… But I do have to look rather hard for them. :smiley: They’re quite obvious on some other kinds of media.


Wow! Those were really fast replies! Thank you!


This is my last test. A DVD+R RICOHJPN-R02-003 certified at 8x burned at 8x.

Still no luck :sad:

The ring pattern is very obvious in the scan. The first third looks awful. LED flashed yellow about 4 times in that area, and not because of buffer under run (Nero’s ultra buffer was always full).

Do you still believe it could be poor media?


Stroboscopic, can you do a test burn with Nero CD/DVD-SPEED? (i.e. actually burn the media with it.) It will waste a disc but it might help rule out some other hardware problem. The tool is bundled with Nero 6, which you can download in demo form from



Here is a “create cd test” I did yesterday. Ok, so I cheated and used a +RW, but I think it shows that the system can handle the burning process at 4x.

I did watch carefully when burning at 8x with RICOHJPN-R02-003 (the bad one I posted earlier plus another completely unusable). Didn’t look like there were any buffer underruns. Is there something else I should be looking for?

Right now, I think my best option will be to exchange the drive.


Send it back! :slight_smile:


Just replaced the drive for a new one.

This is my first burn with it, still with the original firmware VS01. It’s a big improvement over the previous one, but… is it any good? That last spike is scary… I will rescan burns of the first recorder for comparison.

I no longer see the rings on the surface, but I fear the error pattern is still visible on the kprobe scan :confused:

This time I made a backup of the firmware and the eeprom. Is there anything else I should do before flashing to a newer firmware?


It’s not the best but using VS01 it could be what is expected.

This time I made a backup of the firmware and the eeprom. Is there anything else I should do before flashing to a newer firmware?

No. Sounds like you are ready to upgrade. :slight_smile:


Hi Stroboscopic,

I had a similiar problem, though to a lesser degree. I was getting a single ring & high Kprobe errors on my MCC002 discs after updating my 812S to the new US0Q firmware. Or so I thought. Went back to the old firmware, same problem.

It turned out I also updated to Nero at the same time. Reinstalling Nero and every thing is back to normal.

I know your rings have gone with the new drive but if you are using the latest Nero, try the older version.


Well, I think we can close this case.

I took my last burn with the old drive and rescaned it with the new drive and firmware VS0A.


PI Max = 17, Average = 4,06, Total = 75201
PIF Max = 8, Average = 0,06, Total = 1153

Compare that with the scan I previouly posted here. Same disk, same firmware, different drive, completely different result. In fact, the result is quite good! It seems the drive had some problem reading it’s own burns.

Same media (RICOHJPNR02) burned with the new drive and VS0A gave:

PI Max = 25, Average = 7,24, Total = 135652
PIF Max = 9, Average = 0,03, Total = 597

Not bad, I think. I’m amazed at the jump in quality from VS01 to VS0A.

I happy now :slight_smile:

Thank you all


I wonder what kind of quality control these drives go through before they’re shipped out … i.e., do they actually test media reading/writing on the manufacturing line? It might be too expensive and time-consuming for them to do so. Or perhaps they only test a random sample of the drives they produce. There certainly seem to be a lot of comments about the varying quality of Lite-On drives!


Are these the same rings as described here?


I don’t think so, they were smoother. And as I said, with was just a visible symptom, since my new drive could read the rings without problems.