New 832S but have some problem

I just received my second 832S. The first one was returned because of reading problem. But this one, I have got “Invalid field in cdb” in CDSpeed, or I fail to start up DVDinfoPro… I haven’t try to burn one CD because I afraid to get one coaster…
Can anyone help me to solve this problem? Or I have got any other poor drive…
Thank you.

Can you please repprt the firmware of your drive and some system specs?

My drive come with VS01 and I just flash to VS05
I am using Intel Chips, 2.6Ghz
512 MB ram
Windows XP
Handdisk using RAID
832S using Primary Master

Actually I am thinking if I get a bad drive…
Because the first drive I get didn’t have this problem
Or my system have some problem

Sorry for my poor english…

Try burning a dvd or cd and use kprobe to let us know the results. If you can’t burn anything, please list any error messages you receive. VS05 is still being tested and might not be the best choice, further testing will tell, maybe VS04 would be better to start out with and see what results you get with that.

Here is a amazing scan!~ :eek:

That’s a very nice scan for CMC, are you noticing any other problems? Does CD Speed work for you?

CDSpeed now seems working… but DVDInfoPro still not…

Aspi problems? Maybe you should uninstall and reinstall aspi driver. here’s a link or just reinstall dvdinfopro