NEW 812s owners

It would seem that quite a few eople on the forum have got there hands on the new 812s hardware already.
Can you please be kind enough to share your early experiences with the new hardware…

Please give some comments on areas such as:

-Media you have & havent had success with
-Speeds you have been able to attain
-Any analysis tool results such as Kprobe
-Summary of your purchase happy/upset/too early to say

Thanks alot



I posted my first burn results last weekend - should be able to search for 812S and my post will show up.

Used TDK +R 4x media (CMC Mag) so far, results are ok - plays fine on my older Sharp standalone dvd. Just ordered some TY +R 4X media since the CMC looked like it had some variability in the Kprobe results from disk to disk. Hoping that spending a little more on better media will improve things a bit.

First experience with a dvd burner, works really well - no hiccups so far. Using Nero 6 Ultra to burn.

My 812s just arrived, I’ll post some results once I’ve burnt a few things.

Just noticed though that it came with an -R & +R disks. I guess I’ll have to go out and get a couple of re-writables to test as well.

My first batch of disks are Princo A-grade as that’s what the store sold where I got it from. Hopefully I won’t run into too many issues.

Thanks for your feedback guys. Im sure a lot of people will apreciate it. Look forward to hearing more from you soon,

*wish we could make this a STICKY as all liteon fans are looking at the 812s at the moment



I see no need for a sticky at this time. The 812S will be popping up more and more here every day now. :iagree:

ok this is the first time i have used kprobe, may have not set the stuff right, is it good or bad, and did i do it right? thanks. it is daredevil backed up on a +r memorex at 4x on 812s with us03 firmware with dvdshrink.

You are correct. Around here we scan at 4x (max not checked) and 8ECC for comparison purposes.
Read my LiteOn guide, Kprobe section (in my sig) for more details.

will do and will rescan, thanks for info

ok here is the rescan, same disk at the correct settings.

Great, no wait, pretty much perfect scan! Nice :iagree:

BTW, read the fourth bullet in the Kprobe section of the LiteOn tools guide found in my sig for how to read Kprobe scans. :smiley:

i did, thought it looked very good scan, just wanted to share with others as this thread was asking for such. thanks for your help with kprobe.

I guess what bothers us all the most is -R burning quality… :slight_smile:

I posted this in another thread but I’ll post again in here for people that missed it. Looks like the Liteon/Sony is a pretty good drive.

Hi Hans!

Have you already tried if the LiteOn bitsetting tool works for your drive?

Looking good so far. :smiley:

Originally posted by easy-going-man
[B]Hi Hans!

Have you already tried if the LiteOn bitsetting tool works for your drive? [/B]

I’ve actually run out of disks and waiting for my nexy pay day :smiley:

If i can get my hands on more dvdrs i’ll post some more results, but it does seem to like the few g04s i threw at it.

Here it is, my first burn.

an Xbox iso on Princo-R

Here’s another g04 for comparison

Moral of the story? ‘Cheap’ media still sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

I find the result on Princo media pretty good. On my LDW-811s, Princos have an average PI of at least 400 - while discs of the same batch have an average PI of 80 when I burn them with Pioneer 106.

These scans have convinced me. I have just ordered an 812s for 105 € and will sell my 811s via Ebay. I will still get about 90 € for it. So the loss is not very high.