New 811S, Objective: DVD Region Free Copying

Objective: Make the 811S Region Free for copying.

I have the LiteOn LDW 811S shipped with Dual Firmware DR8HS0E.

Nero InfoTool, DVD Features shows Region Control “RPCII”, Region Code “None”, Changes Left user “5”, and Changes Left vendor “4”.

Would it be best for me to use the software DVD Region Free from or look around for a flash program?

Does DVD Region Free really work? Is it cheaper and available here at cdfreaks? I would prefer a download purchase. No warez!

Seems that there has been bad experiences ( when trying to make the drive region free with rpcde2 (BTW easily found on the web).

I would’nt try it if I were you !

I reccomend AnyDVD from slysoft, beats dvd region free hands down, and it works

RPCDE is meant for Lite-ON DVD-ROM drives, not their DVD Recorders.

Looks like my best route is to leave the firmware alone since there is not a varified method to modify the drive to Region Free. After reading the LiteOn 811S threads I see no advantage.

Installed AnyDVD from SlySoft. Since the drive is still set to the manufacture settings and I have not played or recorded anything the drive is still RPCII and no region code has been embedded. AnyDVD messages that it is unable to read a retail movie and a backup for this reason. Disc types are Region 1 and NTSC. Additionally, WinXPSP1 Explorer, will not recognize the two discs while AnyDVD is running. However, when AnyDVD is disabled the two discs are recognized. Seeing no advantage with AnyDVD at this point I uninstalled AnyDVD till a later date when the Region Code is embedded.

Now, I am running tests using Nero 6 Tools. Currently, the CD-DVD Speed Tool is in progress. Does not look good. The transfer rate test is 0.98 and graphicaly it is falling. I am using a SkyMedia blank 4X DVD-R disc. When the test is finished I will use a TDK blank 4X DVD+R disc. Hopefully, the transfer rate test will be better. It may be the better part of the day before I am finished with the tests. Any suggestions along the way would be appreciated.

I thank you kindly for your comments. Cdfreaks has proved to be valuable source of information and I hope to contribute in some way whenever possible.

set your region code that suits the region your in then use anydvd’s setting to change region code to what u want when u want it. so if u put a region one disk in change the settings in anydvd to region 1 works a treat

RPCDE is meant for Lite-ON DVD-ROM drives, not their DVD Recorders.

I have done my DVD-Writer Region Free. It’s a Lite-On LDW-411S. But it’s another tool needed.



I have done my DVD-Writer Region Free. It’s a Lite-On LDW-411S. But it’s another tool needed.

But will it work on an LDW-811S?

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But will it work on an LDW-811S?

Give it a try,


I would not use that since the author removed it from his site. Read the post by the author, nicw Master Poster, Posted: Sun Dec 07, 2003 2:37 am:

I have two 811s drives here which it was tested on thoroghly without any issue. Just in case though I have removed the program from my web site and it will remain that way until I can run some further tests.


It seems to have more of a problem with the Slim Combo drives for which it wasn’t really meant to work on. Some people can’t watch DVD’s after using the tool.

There are other means to create an RPC1 drive with the click of a button…

I am under the impression I am no longer able to mention the name of the tool on this forum however…


PM me or send me an email…

Try using DVD43 (also known as DVD for free). It removes CSS encryption on the fly like AnyDVD, but totally free.