New 811S burns unreadable disks



I’m trying to figure out if my burner is defective. My Optorite fried itself again and although the manufacturer has replaced it, I would like to ebay it and get something more reliable. So I went out and got a Pacific Digital rebadged Liteon 811S. I flashed my firmware to HS0Q and burned a couple DVD-R. Using KProbe, I found that both had PI Max of over 500. I tested an older DVD-R burned with my old Optorite and it had PI Max of 60. Same media (Ritek G03).

So I’m wondering, should I stick with Optorite, or is there something I can do to get this Liteon to burn better? I just flashed to HS0R but would rather not make another coaster.


I burned +R media in mine just fine. Fairly good KProbe scans. Not my best…but pretty good. Plus you can bit set with +R. RicohJPNR03 (Imation) were what I used.


Most say HS0K was the best 811S firmware.


Listen Mate!!! Trust me it’s been over nine months since i aquired my 811 and the only coasters i’ve seen are that popular group from the seventies.
I’ve always fed my 811 with quality ritek media using various software from shrink/decyrpter anydvd/clonedvd and nero recode.Everything copied plays in all dvd players without problems and the quality is outstanding.Who cares about bprobe/cprobe/dprobe/kprobe.I’m using the latest firmware and all is good. Don’t forget CP in=CP out.

The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.


I have done a lot of testing with my 811s and get best results from HSOK & HSOP using Ritek +R R02 & -R G05.

If you want you discs to last longer than 1yr use +R with booktype setting and quality media and kprobe them so you can compare scans at a later date.


I’ve got a different experience here with my old 811. Using TY genuine discs predominantly, I could never acquire satisfactory results across multiple firmware. HS0E seemed the best for +R media in my experience… TY, R01 mainly. Unfortunately, HS0E didn’t have bitsetting capability. The future firmwares after HS0E always yielded crappier results for me with +R media. As for -R media… forget it… I could never get anything below 1,000,000 PI errors. I chunked nearly every -R media burned on my old 811.



If you do not want to experiment and achieve good / reliable burns, simply use discs from Verbatim. In THIS case (DVD/Vervatim) it doesn’t matter the manufacturer (Taiwan, Japan, etc) and +R o r -R

But as a general rule, DVD+R is best-burned in this Liteys. So you see cheap Verbatim DVD+R, close your eyes, take them and happily burn them.

Hope this helps


MCC02’s that i burned with the 811 were merely “fair”. Check for a sample scan and that whole thread for some examples. But not every Verbatim was a true MCC. Sometimes they were other media codes.


Verbatim Datalife Plus :wink:
Datalife are generic relabelled garbage.